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Pennsylvania Educational Estate Advocacy Services

An Educational Service for All Individuals 18 and Older

About Us

“You can turn your back on Tomorrow and live Yesterday, Or You can be Happy for Tomorrow because You planned Today. Smile, open your eyes, Love and go on!”


  The P.E.E.A.S is an educational organization that offers free quality information, in an easy to follow format. This allows all to gain the proper knowledge, at no cost, and implement it into their planning to protect their assets from probate costs, excess inheritance taxes, and nursing home care drain and without the chance of outliving your money. 

Learning how to preserve your estate without all the confusion



The knowledge that we are mortal is one of the things that seem to distinguish humans from other living beings. At the same time, no one likes to dwell on the prospect of his or her own death. But if you postpone planning until it is too late, you run the risk that your intended beneficiaries — those you love the most — may not receive what you would want them to receive which can be due to many types of administration costs.

This is why estate planning is so important, no matter how small your estate may be. It allows you to ensure that your property will go to the people you want, the way you want and when you want. It permits you to save as much as possible on external fees, court costs and attorneys’ fees.  It affords the comfort that your loved ones can mourn your loss without being simultaneously burdened with unnecessary red tape and financial confusion. 

Saving a lifetime of memories & hard work!


  We take the fear and anxiety out of planning to preserve your estate, finances, and memories for you & you family.  Providing understandable answers to your tough questions:

  • Are my estate documents up to date?
  • Should I give my house to my children?
  • How should I title my assets for nursing home expense protection?
  • Are they in the right product to pass on to my heirs?
  • How do I save probate costs 100%?
  • How do I save inheritance tax?
  • What can I do to help my heirs in paying inheritance tax?
  • What is a living trust and why do one?
  • Are do it yourself documents good for you?


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