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Estate Planning 101

Which Estate Planning path is best for you. You decide which is the best fit for your. This 3rd party piece explains your options in an easy to follow video. 

Living Wills


The importance of Living Wills or sometimes called Advanced Directives.

 A personal account of the financial dangers of not having a living will and/or advanced directives in place before you need them.I

Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

 A durable power of attorney allows you to select a trusted individual to take over and manage your affairs in the event you become incapacitated for any reason. This is true regardless of whether your incapacity is temporary or permanent. However, the power of attorney must be designated as "durable," if you want it to remain effective even after you become incapacitated. Learn more about durable power of attorney in this presentation.  IN PA THIS CAN BE ALL BE COMPLETED WITH ONE DOCUMENT

Why individuals 18 and older need a Power of Attorney (POA)

Why individuals age 18 and older need a Durable Power of Attorney.

Estate Planning for minor children

  The 4 key factors that every parent or grandparent should consider in estate planning for minor children. We discuss daily care and guardianship, managing the child's finances, planning for unexpected emergencies or special needs, and planning to help your child with the transition into adulthood. 

Planning for your children including Minor children

Estate planning is not just for the old! 

As a parent of young children, one of the most important things you can do is to reject the false idea that estate planning is only for old folks. In many respects, estate planning is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT for you and for your minor children. You can do this through a regular will or a pour-over will in conjunction with a revocable living trust. You can see the difference between these in the video " 

Will vs. Pour-Over and Living Trust Combo."

what is the problem of giving yur children your Home/$/ Etc.


What's the problem with giving away assets, including my home to my children?  Isn't this the cheapest estate plan there is?  Yes and the most expensive all at the same time. This video was produced in and for Alabama, however, the same situations apply in Pennsylvania.

Avoiding Probate

 A major goal of estate planning is to avoid probate, when a court must remove one name from a legal deed and add another. 

Are wills open to the public

 Estate Planning : Are Wills Open to the Public?  Many wills become open to the public after entering probate court and becoming public record. Find out when wills are open to the public from an estate planning and probate lawyer in this free video on estate law. 

Will vs. Pour-over-Will


Will vs. Pour-Over and Living Trust Combo.

 A will by itself lands you in Probate Court just as if you had no will at all--minor distinctions are not worth the effort---rather set your aim high and land a Living Trust Package. 

WHy you need a Pour-Over-Will with a Revocable Trust

Why is there a Pour-Over Will with a Revocable Living Trust. You need a Pour-Over Will to cancel previous wills. It is also used for people who have minor children. It is a safety net in case something was forgotten to be placed into your Revocable Trust. The Pour-Over Will "Pours" over these assets to your Revocable Trust and is distributed according to the trust.

What is this Living Revocable Trust

 Estate Planning : What Is a Revocable Living Trust?  Revocable living trusts are 98 percent of living trusts; they help avoid probate and allow others to use money to take care of the trust maker. 

Living Revocable Trusts

 Revocable Living Trusts:  A living trust can help beneficiaries and families avoid probate more so than a will. 

Advantages of a Living Revocable trust


Estate Planning : Advantages of a Living Trust  A living trust has many advantages in the estate planning arena, like potentially avoiding probate.ck out this great video   

Note: You may need a Power of Attorney depending on your state.


 Frank New:  Frank, a former pastor who has been retired for the last 16 years, discusses how putting funds into safe money options has allowed him and his wife to carry out their retirement dreams 

Products so you don't outlive your money

 Josh Melberg on Annuities including Fixed indexed Annuities. He talks about income, however if your goal is to use just some or none and leave the rest yo you r beneficiaries you may. These can be part of an estate plan. 

Why Funeral policies and life insuranceis important

  All life insurance policies provide a death benefit. But did you know that fixed index universal life insurance (FIUL) can help protect your family, provide the potential for indexed interest, offer flexibility, and more? This video helps explain how.